We have some sad news about our last market. I’m
not sure if you all have heard but Big Surf has recently been sold. The new
owners are planning to start demo soon, therefore we have decided that it is in
the best interest of our vendors and our customers to cancel our last event. We
just don’t feel that we would be able to put on an amazing market with all the
commotion from the equipment/machines that would be present. Not only that, we
would have to move our event to another location which may cause confusion for
both the vendors and the customers. 

As for next
season, we will be looking for a new location where we can have the market
bi-annually and we hope to see you all there. As for now, please visit and
follow our brick and mortar on instagram @themerchantile 


Yes, we should be issuing you a refund. If you have not received your refund by April 4th, please reach out to us at contact@merchantilemarket.com

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