About Merchantile Market

It all began with a dream…

I’m Kimberly - I have always had a passion for small businesses. I feel so blessed that God has given me the opportunity to keep supporting small businesses through our stores The Merchantile of Scottsdale and The Merchantile of Phoenix, a couple of boutique marketplaces which carry products the most amazing businesses in Arizona! I pride myself in the curation of each of our store to sell quality products from some of the best vendors arizona has to offer.

I am so happy to re introduce our Merchantile (outdoor) Market! The Merchantile Market, a place where local makers, dreamers and creators, come together to share their businesses with the local community! I am so excited to be bring to you an outdoor market that is just steps away from our first brick and mortar location in Old Town Scottsdale. 

I launched our first outdoor market in November 2021 in Tempe AZ. Merchantile (outdoor) Market was created with a vision to support many more small businesses and to bring the community together for a good time, while supporting each other to form a communal bond.